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Our music is...

...focussed on spontaneous composition and improvisation; often the two overlap. This element of our performance is entirely spontaneous with no planning or discussion. The music takes its own course as we generate, develop, recycle and move on from ideas; it's exciting, risky and highly creative and collaborative.

In addition we take, as a starting point, songs and compositions from masters of the freeform genre: often Sun Ra or Ornette Coleman but others too. These pieces are then given the full O5 treatment.

A third string to our bow comes from our own compositions. Sam Richards in particular has a wonderful portfolio of compositions that frame and stimulate group and individual improvisations.

You can hear...

We had the pleasure of appearing on our very own Sam Richardson's radio show on Soundart Radio on 28 April '24 where we played some of our music and talked about improvisation. Click here to link to the show, Sam's Listening Room.

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