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We are five highly experienced musicians with backgrounds covering avante garde,  improv., jazz, rock, classical and folk. We aim to create new and exciting experiences at every performance by allowing our music to develop and find its own form through collaboration, inspiration and intense listening.

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Steve Day - drums & percussion. Steve creates rhythms, textures and events to compliment, shape and drive the music. He makes things happen!

Roger Hall - double bass, cello, gongs & percussion. Roger's unique approach to his instruments underpins and excites the music in ways rarely heard. He specialises in the unexpected!

Eliza Jacobs - electric cello. Eliza's fantastic technique produces everything from rich sonorous drones to percussive, harmonic extremes that sing with the birds. She takes her instrument to places no respectable cello should be asked to go!

Sam Richards - piano, keyboards, harmonica, squeezebox, various noise-making entities and voice. Sam's musical knowledge, experience and performance inspire all who work with him and their audiences. He must be heard!

Ric White - saxes, flutes and electronics. Ric revels in combining the conventional with the unconventional to produce new pathways and experiences. He explores the opportunities arising from being an individual within a community!

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